Popular Applications Which Consume Your Host System Resources

Today we’re going to talk about applications which are very common and that webmasters would use frequently but that often end up putting a lot of strain on your web server making things run a lot slower. Applications which consume system resources appear to run quite nicely when they are not heavily used, in other words, if only one visitor (the webmaster) visits the site there will be no problem whatsoever, on the other hand, if more visitors start coming in (100 to 1000+) the application will start to create queries more frequently which will make the database server crash, which is the worst-case scenario.

Applications which have not been optimized to handle a lot of visitors can access your MySQL database too often in order to read and write information to and from it, this may sound like something very normal, and it is but, they are not handling the information in an efficient way, when this happens these applications may create overheads on your database tables which will make your site to become slower and in some cases non-responsive. Let’s mention a couple of very common scripts that webmasters use in order to create and advertise their campaigns.


If you have been a blogger or the webmaster for more than a couple months then you will find this name to be quite familiar, as most of us know, WordPress is a blogging script which is very easy to install, configure and use however, there is a darker side to all the beautiful things people have said about this script, if you are a system administrator or a savvy webmaster then it is common for you to access your website statistics and system information, this being the case, you might have noticed that WordPress uses a lot of system resources in order to work, some people refer to this problem as “a system resource hog” — in order to address this issue web developers have created caching scripts which lowered the load in the SQL database. Without using any scripts you may notice that for every page view WordPress creates several database queries will be executed, which is not good if you are planning to have thousands upon thousands of page views or if you’re planning to run several blogs on the same machine.

PHP Ads-new which is now called OpenX:

This is a very popular ad server is in charge of rotating different banners and links related to the offers that you are trying to promote, the concept of this script is easy to understand, if you have several websites it would be a huge waste of time to try to manually change all of the banners on each of those sites when you decide to run a different offer, a more efficient way would be to have a centralized script which manages all of your banners, OpenX is the script which has been designed to do just that however if you have a website which gets a lot of page views then you might want to contact a programmer who will be able to optimize the script so that it won’t crash your database by creating too many queries or table overheads.

Best Configuration of VPS Server

VPS is mid way between dedicated and shared server due to it’s better functionality and features at present time. VPS stands for virtual private server. This servers are created by server software, which divides the server’s hard drive into different partitions and installing a separate operating system on each of them. Each partition works individually and result is multiple virtual machines. Each VPS have their own, completely independent hosting parameters and individual operating any user wants to buy vps server the choice of configuration is big issue and it’s totally depend on requirement of user and service of vendors.Those are some factors which makes there VPS best.

Server type: Basically 2 type of virtual servers- managed and unmanaged are most popular in user go with managed server then it’s not a critical issue to choose server configuration, but if he wants to choose unmanaged vps then configuration plays an important role because in case of unmanaged vps, total control of server is in hands of user so it’s important to give attention on hardisk space, O/S and control panel for making VPS best and easy to use.

Operating Systems:At present scenario Linux is most popular operating system due to its free of cost easy availability so most of vendors suggest CentOS, debian and Ubantu as operating system for vps server. But as configuration point of view CentOS 5.x 32-bit is best for user. Some vendors also offers windows, FreeBSD (UNIX) but as cost point of view windows is more costly if user have limited budget then Linux is always an better option.

virtualization Type:Now days there are two most popular virtualization technologies – Xen and OpenVZ. Both provides Root access, Easy setup of network etc. Mostly VPS vendors recommend OpenVZ if you are new to Linux, as Xen is more configurable, and may require more Linux administration skill.

Control Panels:A control panel is very important for site management so it is very important for users to choose control panel carefully. Leading VPS control panels are DirectAdmin and cPanel. cPanel is VPS friendly due to its site and data backup, email, spam and virus filtering and more of features so mostly vps service provider offers cPanel.Another frequently offered control panel by VPS vendors is Webmin, free open source server/account management software.

Amount of RAM and Disk Space:RAM and Disk space is basic part of any system so those parameters are usually depends according to the server specifications. A linux vps account with 512 MB memory and 20 GB of drive space will do nicely and It’s possible to run with less than that, even as low as 256 MB memory, but you’ll have to give up email virus scanning and including control panel, so thats why 512 MB account is recommended.

Installation of Software:There are many software required, if user chose unmanaged linux virtual private server plan but don’t worry there are free setups available on the following list of software generally required for setting – generally installed software-bind is known as LAMP – Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL. This configuration works well with any kind of sites and is recommended for is the most recommended software set for cPanel-based servers, as cPanel allows to manage all services via web-interface.

Basically according to most of VPS administrator above mention factors are most important for any User to make best VPS.

Basics One Need To Know About Web Hosting

Denver web hosting
Web hosting Denver

Web Hosting Basics

When you decide to take your business to the internet, you need to know some basics. First, you select a name for your site that is catchy and descriptive of your service or product line. Avoid picking a name that does not include a description of what someone would find at the site. One or two word names work well. When you have picked a name that you like, you need to register this as your internet domain name. There are several options in Denver for this if you search online. Remember that you do not have to host your website at the same company where you register your domain name, so look for the best deal you can find.

Denver web hosting can be complex for someone who is just starting out. In fact, most people don?t really understand what hosting is or what a hosting company should offer you. These services are places where you can store your website, basically. They range from free services to hosting that you run yourself on your own server. So the first thing you need to do is figure out how involved you want to be. There are several different types of hosting:

? Internet Service Providers. Several ISPs offer basic web pages for free to their email customers. For example, Yahoo! users can set up a website for free when they join Yahoo!. But these sites are really good only for personal sites with a few pages because alongside your content, an ISP will run advertisements. These sites also do not come with any extra features or very much storage space.

? Free Web Hosting. For most businesses in Denver, web hosting needs to be more sophisticated than most free services can provide. If you want to display your pictures on the web or start a blog online, a free service might be good for you. But for business needs, they simply do not offer the space, the features, or the reliability that you need.

? Paid Hosting. This is the most common type of hosting used for small businesses and more complex personal websites. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to a web hosting company in return for space on their site and certain services. The services and features vary widely from company to company. And you can pay anywhere from two dollars to two hundred dollars per month, depending on the company, how much space you need, and what extra features you employ. You can get CGI services, ASP, ecommerce, SSL, database support, extra space and bandwidth, and other features for maximizing your site for the customer. Paid web hosting, in Denver or elsewhere, is the only way to go for a business site, no matter what its size.

? Domain Hosting. This is a great way for small businesses to host their pages at any location, rather than at the hosting company?s site. You can use an ISP, a free hosting service, or any other viable location. Basically, you buy your domain and then the provider forwards all the requests to the web location. The biggest benefit of this type of hosting, besides the savings you may see, is the fact that you can brand your URL.

? Co-location. If you want to run your own web server and be the owner of your machine, but don?t have the dedicated IT department to maintain it, you can use co-location. This service provides a server holding room where you can store your server, even rent one if you want, and then keep control over your web server and architecture.

? Direct Internet Access. To get the most control over your server, you need to host your site yourself. Obviously, you need some experts on staff to maintain it, but for companies with large data centers this is the only way to go.

How To Get Web Hosting Cheap

It’s fairly easy to get web hosting cheap, but here is how you find outrageous deals with quality hosting companies.

There are literally thousands of website hosting companies to choose from, which is good and bad. It’s good because competition drives down prices and should make services better. It’s bad because service is not always that great. Just about anyone can start a web hosting company by reselling another web hosting company’s services, so a number of these companies are here today, gone tomorrow.

But when looking where to find web hosting cheap, the best thing to do is to go to the parent company and avoid the resellers. The resellers may offer very attractive rates, but you can still get extremely great deals with the real hosting provider that actually provides the customer service and support in the end.

How do you find these deals? Many of the hosting companies offer coupon codes that will give you two months of hosting free. Sometimes you can find additional benefits that will give you an entire year of hosting at no cost at all. These hosting companies offer these types of deals because they make money off your renewal subscriptions and upgrades to bigger products and services, so they are willing to give away business in hopes that you stick around. Much like how Sony actually takes a loss when selling video game consoles. They are willing to do this because they know the consumer will come back to buy video games and accessories that have a high profit margin.

A Quick Guide For Choosing The Right Webhost Service Provider

Who doesn’t like a great deal? After all, why do you have to throw your investments on something that costs more than that of a contending item. However, one important consideration is that in life there really is no free lunch and a great deal becomes a great deal until the bargain product or service begins to malfunction in an ill-timed manner.

Facts to Consider

Fact: The web hosting service that you choose is possibly one of the most important components of your online business strategy. That may sound like a hype until you really take a close look at the facts.

Stiff Competition

Web hosting has become a highly stiff online business or business niche now as evidenced by the offers of the various competing webhost service providers.

Warning to Buyers

Each one trying to outperform each other with all that they offer for less than the rest. Who is policing the whole fiasco to ensure that people like yourself aren’t taken for a ride? Actually there is none, so the duty is lodged with the consumer like you to see to it that what you get is actually worth the money.

Downtime Cases

Remember that when your web hosts server crashes and all your hard work is lost forever, you can be stuck asking yourself how good of a deal was it? So it is a fine wire that must be considered. Definitely there is nothing bad with a good deal but try to remember that if you are engaged in revenue generation with your web site, it is essential that your shop remain open and functioning properly.

Quality is Reliability

The bottom line is, when all things are taken into account, there really is no substitute for a quality web hosting service capable of providing your requirements reliably every time it is called upon to do so. Remember that a discounted web hosting service is a good deal until it begins costing you money in lost business.

Managed Hosting Services- Understanding The Idea Behind It

Having a website online can usually require a lot of bandwidth and other processing resources. You’ll notice that it is implausibly time consuming to try to handle all of your hosting on your own. What you should be doing is focusing on doing your own work rather than managing your website. If you would like to get help with this job, it’s best to sign up for a managed hosting service.

Managed hosting is more affordable than simply buying and running your own servers. This is due to economics of sale as well as the fact that several clients are able to utilize the similar hardware at the same time. By the time you notice you are actually paying less compared to being independent, you’ll realize how beneficial cloud hosting can be. You’ll be grateful for the hard work and reliable service offered by a managed hosting company.

Data protection and safety is an issue for running websites. Computer hackers have made it a goal to get information from other as possible to utilize for their own advantage. Managed hosting services are aware of this issue and have made tremendous efforts to promoting safety for websites. With managed hosting services, all of your data is going to be encrypted as soon as it is uploaded to the cloud servers. Encrypted data is hard for anyone to access through without prior consent.

Managed hosting service will use more advanced technology than you might think possible.

Availing managed hosting services will free you from worrying about dedicating much time at all to thinking about your site. Server temperature and integrity is being handled by hired experts. No more worries about whether your site is up and running or going down. All you have to think about is creating an effective website and passing it over to the company providing you with managed hosting solutions.

With managed hosting service making your life easier, you’ll only be doing what it is that you do best, which is basically to manage your business. It will become much simpler for you to stay successful and competitive that way.

Understanding managed hosting services will let you make better and more profitable choices in terms of a provider. Now that you have a general idea of what to expect from it, you’ll be more appreciative of availing their services. It will help you invest in the correct fields of your site, deliver more customers’ needs and achieve a larger following.

Data Center Must-haves

As technology and businesses evolve, the demands and expenses of IT environments are ever-increasing. Data centers can house your IT infrastructure
and help you reduce operational, maintenance and manpower expenses. Obviously, you want to choose carefully when researching data centers. You will want to come up with a list of questions about their benefits. Following is a list of factors you might want to consider.

Safety – Choosing an experienced data storage provider means you benefit from stable safety systems such as fire and water prevention. Find out the particulars on how they data center will keep your data safe.

Cooling and Power Systems – The specific requirements of power density and cooling systems for IT platforms are rigorous and important to maintain. A qualified center ensures that redundant power and cooling systems are in place, accurately built and intensely monitored.

Security – Security is vital! Check out the multi-layered security systems of a data center such as 24×7 on-site security staff, surveillance, and managed access. Ensure that your mission-critical operations are secured.

Support – Be sure that highly trained engineers and tech personnel are always available and on-hand for technical and logistical support, especially if your goal is to decrease the burden or strain on your staff resources.

Scalability – Inevitably, businesses grow and shrink. The facility you select should be scalable to accommodate the size of your fluctuating IT infrastructure needs.

Custom Solutions – Your business isn’t the same as every other business and your IT solutions should be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a colocation cage, large custom suite or managed IT solutions, the data center should be versatile to accommodate your company’s changing needs.

When seeking a qualified solution for your business’ needs, look for a comprehensive offering of data center solutions, including collocation, managed IT services and managed hosting, and SAS 70 Type II certification. A premier Tier III facility in your area might be the right solution for your company. Request a guided tour of the facility you’re considering and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Give Designing Your Own Website Your Best Shot

Personal web hosting can be a great deal of fun and allow for a considerable amount of personal satisfaction when the job is done. There are many websites that encourage, support and even assist the website owner as they create their own web page.

Why Personal Web Hosting Could Be Your Answer

is an award-winning site for their creation and editing tools, having simplified the program to a basic point, click, drag and drop creative process. They have an image library that provides over 250,000 royalty free, quality stock photos that can be used as chosen on the web page. It is possible to get and register a personal domain with your business name. If that domain name is unavailable, they have multiple website consultants to help you creatively choose alternative names. If you already own a domain name, your current name will be compatible with any Homestead website.

How to Choose Which One is Best For You

If you have decided to try personal web hosting, make sure to actively research the various companies that offer such a service. The two discussed earlier are not the only options and it would be wise to be well educated prior to making any decisions. Remember, this is the company that will represent your business image and support your success or failure in the future.

has taken the fear out of personal web hosting and web site creation and personal web hosting. They have 2,000 Quicksite designs for your web page that are organized into various categories to choose from whether your business is a restaurant or retail, now you can find the one that best matches your business and you are ready to begin.

A competitor in the personal web hosting market is the Hyperstreet website builder. They have over 15,00 template combinations and over 900 unique designs for web page set up. Their website building program has built over half a million websites, providing a high quality of professional designs to fit the needs of most businesses. Their constant rate of development and growth keep them competitive in the fast growing technological world of ecommerce and information. They have a program that allows you to upload your own images, logos and other designs to make your website your very own.