Litespeed Technology – A Development In Shared Web Hosting

The internet marketplace has developed into a demanding platform. This is because many websites run into millions that make the traffic congested, resulting oftentimes in websites crashing. It is a great delight for every webmaster to have access to new innovative technologies that can resolve the problems brought about by heavy traffic on the internet. It was a great relief that the IT people’s great minds introduced new technologies that were also adopted in shared hosting. We already knew that shared hosting had become the most inexpensive way of maintaining a website, aside of course from the free self-hosting type. In addition, Litespeed hosting and Cloud Linux hosting have also paved the way to an improved performance of shared servers.

With these, subscribers do not have to pay the high price of dedicated hosting. More power is endowed to the shared host because due to CloudFlare technology as well that can now be integrated in the platform. WLitespeed technology was introduced by litespeed Technologies, Inc. and has functioned as the flagship of the Litespeed servers. Litespeed has provided the internet users with the following benefits:

If there is one big development in this technology, it is the “drop in server replacement” that was used in lieu of the past Apache system. Even if the replacement was implemented, the control panel remains and the data security had never been compromised. The features of Litespeed server had allowed the web owner to access the old features that were inherent in the Apache. Thus integration of this new technology did not bring any hassle to a user.

Litespeed is the first software company that had included the LVE technology in the Cloud Linux hosting environment. LVE stands for lightweight virtual environment and this is the sole software that was integrated to a third-party control panel. With the integration of the LVE technology in the litespeed hosting, the performance of the server is optimized without the necessity of using additional hardware. This is cost saving for any user. This is also known to be the lone server that is compatible to support the .htaccess Apache control panel. This compatibility accounts for simplified control panel management, enhanced security and optimized performance.

The Litespeed power servers brings several advantages. This resulted to accelerated speed which is several times faster than the Apache. It made the simultaneous operation of PHP4 and PHP5 easy. It is more efficient and for a minimal cost, its security includes request filtering. As said, this makes use of the .htaaccess. The Litespeed servers had DoS-protection built-in. With this, you can easily detect problems because it had been designed with flash report features. And most importantly, the bandwidth is controlled to prevent any overload. With this, there is no danger of site crash.

Litespeed hosting is a very important technology integrated in the shared web hosting. It has made web hosting more comfortable. Together with the Cloud Linux and CloudFlare, businessmen will continue the use of the shared web servers and will do so without fear of their websites crashing.