Basics One Need To Know About Web Hosting

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Web Hosting Basics

When you decide to take your business to the internet, you need to know some basics. First, you select a name for your site that is catchy and descriptive of your service or product line. Avoid picking a name that does not include a description of what someone would find at the site. One or two word names work well. When you have picked a name that you like, you need to register this as your internet domain name. There are several options in Denver for this if you search online. Remember that you do not have to host your website at the same company where you register your domain name, so look for the best deal you can find.

Denver web hosting can be complex for someone who is just starting out. In fact, most people don?t really understand what hosting is or what a hosting company should offer you. These services are places where you can store your website, basically. They range from free services to hosting that you run yourself on your own server. So the first thing you need to do is figure out how involved you want to be. There are several different types of hosting:

? Internet Service Providers. Several ISPs offer basic web pages for free to their email customers. For example, Yahoo! users can set up a website for free when they join Yahoo!. But these sites are really good only for personal sites with a few pages because alongside your content, an ISP will run advertisements. These sites also do not come with any extra features or very much storage space.

? Free Web Hosting. For most businesses in Denver, web hosting needs to be more sophisticated than most free services can provide. If you want to display your pictures on the web or start a blog online, a free service might be good for you. But for business needs, they simply do not offer the space, the features, or the reliability that you need.

? Paid Hosting. This is the most common type of hosting used for small businesses and more complex personal websites. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to a web hosting company in return for space on their site and certain services. The services and features vary widely from company to company. And you can pay anywhere from two dollars to two hundred dollars per month, depending on the company, how much space you need, and what extra features you employ. You can get CGI services, ASP, ecommerce, SSL, database support, extra space and bandwidth, and other features for maximizing your site for the customer. Paid web hosting, in Denver or elsewhere, is the only way to go for a business site, no matter what its size.

? Domain Hosting. This is a great way for small businesses to host their pages at any location, rather than at the hosting company?s site. You can use an ISP, a free hosting service, or any other viable location. Basically, you buy your domain and then the provider forwards all the requests to the web location. The biggest benefit of this type of hosting, besides the savings you may see, is the fact that you can brand your URL.

? Co-location. If you want to run your own web server and be the owner of your machine, but don?t have the dedicated IT department to maintain it, you can use co-location. This service provides a server holding room where you can store your server, even rent one if you want, and then keep control over your web server and architecture.

? Direct Internet Access. To get the most control over your server, you need to host your site yourself. Obviously, you need some experts on staff to maintain it, but for companies with large data centers this is the only way to go.