How To Get Web Hosting Cheap

It’s fairly easy to get web hosting cheap, but here is how you find outrageous deals with quality hosting companies.

There are literally thousands of website hosting companies to choose from, which is good and bad. It’s good because competition drives down prices and should make services better. It’s bad because service is not always that great. Just about anyone can start a web hosting company by reselling another web hosting company’s services, so a number of these companies are here today, gone tomorrow.

But when looking where to find web hosting cheap, the best thing to do is to go to the parent company and avoid the resellers. The resellers may offer very attractive rates, but you can still get extremely great deals with the real hosting provider that actually provides the customer service and support in the end.

How do you find these deals? Many of the hosting companies offer coupon codes that will give you two months of hosting free. Sometimes you can find additional benefits that will give you an entire year of hosting at no cost at all. These hosting companies offer these types of deals because they make money off your renewal subscriptions and upgrades to bigger products and services, so they are willing to give away business in hopes that you stick around. Much like how Sony actually takes a loss when selling video game consoles. They are willing to do this because they know the consumer will come back to buy video games and accessories that have a high profit margin.