Types Of Web Hosting Services. What You Need To Know!

Types of web hosting services
There are millions of web pages reviews that recommend web hosting sites everyday. Most of the web hosting reviews often recommend hosting sites that you are already familiar with. In fact, you often consult these web-hosting reviews as you either consider recommendations from blogs or small informative pages. A lot of experienced users even often consult top-notch web hosting reviews like the Globel Hosting Reviews. Such reviews have spread via the Internet as web hosting ceaselessly grows as an industry. Thus, the growing populace of avid users and businesses via the World Wide Web only encourages booming industries, like web hosting reviews to focus much on web hosting services and sites. Thus, let us focus more on the different types of web hosting services and how they differ according to their functionality and catered services.

The most common and popular type of Web hosting service is the Free Web hosting service. Free web hosting services offer large spaces for web files. Often they are advertisement-supported and mostly catered with the name of the Web hosting site in the domain. One good example of this type of service is the Geocities. Geocities is a large Free Web hosting site that creates directories of their users as they host their web files. Most of these Free Hosts allow a separately purchased domain name. It is very rare that the free web-hosting site operates as a domain name registrar.

Shared web hosting services is the other type of web hosting service. In this hosting service, the user?s web pages are placed on one server, the same with the other sites hosted. Usually, domain names share a common server resource that is often called ?pool.? Such web hosting services offer a quite extensive hosting service. Sometimes, a shared website is hosted by a reseller as well.

Reseller web hosting services is another type of web hosting. This service permits clients to be web hosts themselves. Resellers function for individual domains and yet fall under a different type of hosting service. Accounts of the resellers often vary tremendously in size. Some even have their own virtual dedicated servers in a collocated server. A lot of the resellers offer similar services as their shared hosting plan.

Virtual Dedicated servers belong to another type of hosting service. In this type of service, the user gets to own a web server and gains full control of the site. Usually, access to the catered sites comes in the form of Administrator access for Windows users and Root access for Linux users. Dedicated plan users of this type of web hosting often gets full access of the pages? security and maintenance in the so-called dedicated box.

Another popular web hosting service is the Managed hosting service. This kind of web hosting service enables users to fully-manage their files and data via an FTP or remote management tools. Most users with programming background opt for this kind of hosting service due to its manageability features.